Tools for Work

Every business is a snowflake. Build and customize your own tools and integrations.

  • zxzxlch
    Server-side authorization for Dropbox
  • livechat
    Sample app demonstrating how to build a LiveChat App Extension
  • Send and receive webhooks to and from Zapier
  • hsubox
    A simple polling and voting app
  • A simple server that handles incoming Webhooks delivered from FogBugz
  • Get the logos and screenshots from any app in the Apple iOS App Store
  • Handles OAuth and commands using SOQL, Search and Chatter APIs
  • Example presentation slide show using reveal.js
  • Example To-do app that uses Parse Server as a backend
  • AndrewLane
    A sample project implementing Parse Dashboard
  • Lists Trello board activity via webhooks
  • jude
    Read and display data from a .xlsx file on Dropbox
  • enriquesanchez
    A simple, minimalist Todo app
  • Display data from Google Sheets on a live dashboard