Handy Bots

Build helpful tools, meme generators, or Westworld. Your bots have your back.

  • Which is better, Daddy or Chips? Your Google Home knows
  • howdyai
    Starter kit for creating a Botkit-powered Slack app
  • tharsheblows
    Slack slash command to peek at the last 3 posts on a WordPress site
  • stefanjudis
    A Slack slash command handler which will help you to quickly access and create data stored in Contentful
  • Generate an Alexa Flash Briefing compatible JSON feed from submitted articles
  • Example Onboarding bot using Slack's Events API
  • stretchyboy
    Give Alexa the power of the Force with this Wookieepedia powered Skill
  • fbsamples
    A Facebook Messenger Platform bot template
  • Ask Alexa for airport information using an airport code
  • Respond to custom Slash Commands in Slack, using MongoDB for persistence
  • Onboarding bot using Slack's Events API, with MongoDB for persistence
  • fourtonfish
    A template for making fun Twitter bots with the Twit Node.js library