Building Blocks

Databases, emailing and more. The bread and butter basics of modern web dev.

  • STRd6
    CoffeeScript backend that compiles clientside code with CoffeeScript using Browserify middleware
  • Control your CloudBit device using the littleBits API
  • Control an LED on a Particle device using the Particle JS API
  • ghaida
    A quick way to bootstrap a site or app with Material
  • Use Blockspring to easily get data from third-party APIs
  • underscorediscovery
    Real-time multiplayer game using Node.js, and HTML5 Canvas
  • bigdogwillfeed
    A lightweight, promise-based wrapper around the FogBugz API
  • A list app that demos interacting with a NeDB database
  • List app that demos a SQLite3 database using the Sequelize ORM
  • A simple blog app using MongoDB database to store data
  • A simple blog app using MongoDB database to store data
  • Handles OAuth and commands using SOQL, Search and Chatter APIs
  • A simple social blog app using Firebase
  • AndrewLane
    An example Parse Server project using Express
  • Let Auth0 take care of how users authenticate with your app
  • Web scraper using scrape-it
  • Use Twilio to send SMS alerts on page error
  • Connect and add items to a MongoDB database
  • GET and POST RESTful API endpoints using Express
  • Email sending form with React and Nodemailer
  • A simple chat demo using